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Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis

NWARC P.E.E.R.S. Program

Did you know that the peak rate of sexual assault occurs between sixteen and nineteen years of age (Koss, Mary; Rape on Campus: Fact and Measures (1992)? This is also the period when young women begin to date. Their inexperience in dating inadvertently makes them vulnerable to being victims of rape. Also, young men between the ages of sixteen and nineteen may be inexperienced in dating and may not realize that some of their actions may fall within the legal definition of sexual assault.

Many teens do not understand how important dating is (i.e., knowing your date, going out in groups, setting boundaries with your date and no alcoholic beverages) and how to protect themselves from committing sexual assault or becoming a victim. As adults, we should take every opportunity to teach our adolescents about the dangers of sex and drugs, and what they can do to avoid these dangers. Teaching prevention information to male and female adolescents about dating safety will empower them toward actions for prevention.

To do our part in educating our teens Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis, Inc has initiated a P.E.E.R.S. Program. (Prevention, Education, Empowerment, Recovery and Support) This program is designed to teach adolescents about dating safety, date rape prevention, date rape drugs, what to do if a friend is raped, and other sexual assault issues. Students make a pledge to stop sexual violence in their school. With professional training, guidance and direction from NWA Rape Crisis staff, the students will become peer educators. After training, peer educators will be responsible for teaching at least one class of their peers on dating safety. Students will learn how to verbally communicate with their date, how to set limits and boundaries, and how to have fun on a date without sex, drugs and alcohol. We understand that adolescents sometimes feel more comfortable talking to adolescents about issues that are so personal.

This year, some students received prom packages, which included everything one would need to attend prom (i.e. prom dress, tuxedo, shoes, accessories, a trip to the salon, dinner for two, prom pictures, prom tickets, limo, etc.). We anticipate having more students in participation next year, which might not allow us to be as generous. We would like to allot one senior from each high school a prom package. We serve 19 high schools throughout Benton, Madison, and Washington counties.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved or get your school involved, please contact Anna at 479-927-1025. You can also talk with your school’s health teacher, counselor, or principal to get more information.



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