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Speakers Bureau
If you are interested in speaking out against sexual violence, contact the Education Training Coordinator and join the Speaker's Bureau.  This group presents  prevention and education information to people throughout the community.  NWARC has a plethora of  informational materials which can be used for presentations of varying lengths.  We are currently working with public schools and other facilities for adolescents and conducting a week-long program during which time we talk about date rape drugs, domestic violence, males and sexual assault, incest, sexual violence and the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Community, and more.

Community Booths
Representing the agency at community, volunteer, and health fairs, as well as other special events throughout the year is incredibly important.  Many people have no idea what to do after being assaulted, and it is important that we spread our name throughout the community so people know that we provide services free of charge.    

NWARC offers training for those interested in being advocates for sexual assault survivors. If you would like to volunteer in this capacity, you are required to attend a 12-hour initial training, complete 2-3 on call shifts per month and attend a monthly meeting.  While on call, you may be required to meet a survivor at the hospital or police station, or a person may just call requesting information.  For more information, contact the Victim Services Coordinator.

NWARC Board of Directors
Our Board is comprised completely of volunteer members.  It meets once a month to help guide the organization through subcommittees and interaction with the staff.  Two advocates also serve as Board Members.  The Board is responsible for one fundraiser per year.  For more information, contact the Executive Director.



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